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James Toma and his wife Minerva chose West Covina as the place to raise their two young children for the promise of safe neighborhoods and good schools.  James proudly calls West Covina his home and is an active member of our community, including serving as past president of the Friends of the West Covina Library.  James wants to make sure that we restore and protect, for the long-term, the kinds of things that have made our city a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

A commitment to serve was instilled in James from an early age. He believes helping improve the lives of others is the most important work a person can do.  James juggled three jobs while attending Yale, becoming the first in his family to graduate from college.  After completing a Masters degree in Public Policy, he went on to work in the State Capitol as a legislative aide where he championed legislation that toughened penalties for elder abuse.

James went on to law school where his efforts earned him a job with a prestigious private law firm after graduation. His passion for public service continued to call him though, so he went to work as a Deputy Attorney General in California’s Department of Justice.  James now works tirelessly everyday protecting consumers and guarding people from fraud and scam artists.

James is committed to our community.  In addition to his leadership in the Friends of the West Covina Library, James is an active member of the East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center, has volunteered at toy drives, raised money for Alzheimer’s research and legal services for the poor, and has been an engaged participant in city council meetings – calling for accountability and transparency in our city government.

James Toma will bring his passion for public service, his experience protecting the public as a Deputy Attorney General, and his commitment to our community to represent you on the West Covina City Council.